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the artist gets paid.

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Music NFTs, Streaming Micropayments, and Social Audio for Artists & Music Fans

is a tokenized music marketplace for Music NFTs, streaming royalty micropayments, and live social audio experiences for artists to earn directly from their fans.
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Find hyper-local music from diverse communities around the world

's algorithm sorts trending music from around the world based on your tastes and delivers you an unparalled experience for discovering music based on popularity, genre, location, instrument, and much more. Feel the thrill of discovering a local music scene you dig halfway around the globe.

  • Hyper Local
  • Music Discovery
  • Pay as you go
  • No Subscription

As a music fan and listener, you get access to all the social tools to interact with your favorite artists directly. From following & posting updates, to built-in FanMail messaging, you can connect with artists you love directly like never before and even tip them creating music that moves you!

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Join tens of thousands of artists around the world currently earning JAM on
Earn JAM for every second your music is streamed, and even promote your music with JAM. Mint exclusive NFTs and sell them directly to your fans!

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Music Deserves More

As an industry-first, artist-powered network,

has the tools necessary for artists around the world to actually earn a living and control their destiny. Our micropayment technology enables Per-Second Streaming compensation and Music NFT Minting services to monetize content instantly and globally like never before.

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  • Music NFT Minting
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Built by Artists, For Artists.

was built to give power back to the artist. Take control of your creations and your rights. You deserve it.

Earn 10X+ more from streaming versus Spotify and others by keeping 90% of your streaming revenue (instead of less than 10%)

"When the Music Gets Played, the Artist Gets Paid."

We built sophisticated core audio technology for your Masters. Seamlessly upload and stream lossless high-fidelity music from massive uncompressed audio files. This ensures uncompromised audio quality and even helps prevents potential DMCA violations.

For Labels:

Our non-exclusive hybrid license works nicely for independents and major labor rightsholders and publishers alike. Manage multiple artists and band pages with 1 account. Control the splits between multiple members. Earn JAM tokens in one central wallet from all your artists. Contact us at for access to automated bulk uploading tools for large catalogs of masters.


Featuring Beyoncé live instrumentals and grammy award winning artists.


Core Team

Andrew Antar

Co-Founder, developer, designer, and classically-trained violinist from Philadelphia, attended Brown University, holds a Blockchain Patent and has worked with clients like Comcast and Bank of America as a senior software engineer on large enterprise systems building component libraries and design systems as well as designing and building products from the ground up for startups.

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Brian Antar

Co-Founder, developer, designer, and classically-trained violinist from Philadelphia attended University of Pennsylvania, Brian has sold millions of dollars of products on e-commerce marketpaces and has managed large scale 3PL fulfillment centers for growing e-commerce stores.

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Daniel Nordberg

CTO, Senior Software Engineer, and guitarist, Danny is a fullstack software developer building out our core platform and an expert in Python, Django, Devops, and managing distributed systems. Danny has built large enterprise systems for managing sustainable solar energy production and advanced scientific research applications.

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Rahul Kothari

Developer, Hashgraph engineer, Rahul is a leading blockchain engineer and Hedera expert. He is currently a student at University of Liverpool and scholarship recipient from the Consensys Blockchain Academy Developer Program.

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James Pic

Open source developer, dev-ops, cyber-security expert, James helps maintain our security and server architecture while being a top ranked Python Django contributor to Stack Overflow.


Paul Schmitzer

Community Manager, Paul helps keep our community strong with experience running strategic communications for Particl and being a long-term Bitcoin and JAM investor.

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Adrian Fu

Recording Artist formerly with Universal Music Hong Kong, Adrian is leading communications and PR for our Asia and Pacific region bringing professional marketing experience from Qualcomm to

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Sean Koh

Recording Artist with over a million streams and music blockchain influencer, Sean is moving mountains with ESKOH.

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Joseph McGrath

Former President & CEO of Unisys, Fmr. VP & GM of Xerox, Joe is an expert business strategist who has managed over 30K+ people in his 30+ year career.


Jeff Rabhan

Chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, Jeff has generated over $1 billion in music sales for artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Jermaine Dupri.

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Hal Real

Founder and CEO of World Cafe Live, Hal founded the non-profit Live Connections and helped develop the nationally syndicated radio show "Live at the World Cafe".

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Jonathan Finegold

Owner of Fine Gold Music, Jonathan is a music industry veteran specializing in sync licensing and has done work for brands like Apple and TV shows like Westworld as well as movies.

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Joe Fisher

OG Bitcoin miner, crypto-ecommerce and tokenomics expert, Joe is advising us on tokenomics and gamification in addition to advising Particl.

Helen Disney

CEO and Founder of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, Helen was listed in Innovate Finance’s 2016 Women in Fintech Powerlist and referred to by Barclays as a “Blockchain guru”. She is also a member of techUK and of its DLT working group.

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Mark Cheng

Partner at Mindfund and CEO of the Helix Accelerator, Mark chose the Tune.FM team to join the first cohort of Helix in Hong Kong to build our dApp on Hedera Hashgraph.

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Andy Hertzfeld

Co-creator of the Macintosh on the original Mac team with Steve Jobs, Andy programmed the first MacOS, held key roles at Google X, and was our first angel investor.

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Aniello Callari

Former advertising executive at Saatchi & Saatchi and founder of Brooklyn Media, Neil has done work for major Fortune 500 companies and resides in Austin, TX.

Paul Anthony Amess

Paul has started and exited several technology companies and is now an active angel and crypto investor.




Market Data



Fiat Ramps


Powered by Hedera HashgraphTune.FM's JAM Token provides lightning fast seamless global value exchange through streaming micropayments. The enterprise-grade security of Hedera's consensus algorithm (PoS) is the highest standard possible, aBFT (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant).

The JAM token is the first native audio token built on the Hedera Token Service to be traded on an exchange, enabling for the first time ever streaming royalty micropayments with instant settlement. The blazingly fast high throughput (100Ks Tx/s with 3-5s consensus finality) and miniscule fees of a native Hedera token ($0.00001) allow pay-as-you-go micropayments, opening new frontiers for groundbreaking new business models for media consumption.

The Hedera Token Service also natively supports minting NFTs for 99.9% less cost than minting NFTs on Ethereum (pennies versus hundreds of dollars). Tune.FM team will soon release the best-in-class NFT Marketplace for artists and fans to mint, auction, buy, sell, and trade Music NFTs. Bundle lossless audio with visual elements including images, video, and animations (Decentralized storage on a unique HTS token IPFS metadata) along with real world experiences (Eg. backstage meet & greet, exclusive tickets to live show, fan club access). Tokenize rare unreleased content and exclusive events by minting NFTs for limited access to livestreams, intimate performances, live shows and large-scale concerts both virtual and in-person. Pre-release audio to select supporters or publish unreleased tracks for a lucky few!

The Artist is fully in control of their NFT experience, and the world is your oyster. Discover how NFTs can unlock the hidden value of your creativity through verifiable digital scarcity. Reward loyalty and monetize your super-fan club!


Get a look forward to our upcoming features and integrations as we build out the Tune.FM JAM ecosystem. This shortlist of features and initiatives below is a taste of what is to come and as we are working on many more simultaneously. Thanks for being an early beta tester and we look forward to your feedback and ideas!

  • NFT Minting Services & Auction Marketplace

  • NFT Drop campaign marketing engine

  • On-site fiat on-ramp and off-ramp with Moonpay

  • More exchanges and 3rd party wallet integrations

  • Interoperability bridges for Ethereum and Polygon

  • Decentralized exchanges and token swap liquidity pools

  • Live Social Audio for livestreaming and jamming

  • Mind-bending music visualizer with VR

  • NFT playlists and algorithmic playlists

  • Intelligent Radio that knows your music taste

  • Live DJ rooms and listening rooms with JAM rewards

  • Gamified NFT badge rewards for creators & curators

  • JAM marketing engine for verifiable 1st time listeners

  • NFT ticketing for virtual and/or in-person live shows

  • Physical Merch store with NFT tagging for products

  • Tour planner and gig-booking tools for artists

  • Major Label and independent label licensing integrations


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