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Powered by the JAM Token under the hood, provides seamless value exchange between music listeners and creators. Pay for what you consume and get paid for listening to promoted music around the world. Brought to you by , is the next generation of music streaming. No Subscription Required. Start Discovering.

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Find Local Music from Communities around the World's algorithm sorts the best music and delivers you an unparalled experience for discovering music based on popularity, genre, location, instrument, and much more.

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As a music fan and listener, you get access to all the tools to interact with your favorite indie & local artists. From following & posting updates, to built-in FanMail Messaging, and tipping an artist for a job well done, has it all and more.

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As an industry-first, artist-powered network, has the tools necessary to make money with music online in the 21st century. Our technology enables Per-Second Streaming compensation to monetize content instantly and globally.

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Built by Artists, For Artists. was built to give power back to the artist. Take control of your creation. You deserve it.

Keep 90% of Revenue and 100% of your Rights with our non-exclusive hybrid license for earning crypto.

We built core audio technology to handle your high fidelity lossless, uncompressed music uploads. This helps insure that you or your company owns the music and helps prevent fraud on the platform.

For Labels:

Manage multiple artists and band pages. Control the splits and content. Earn JAM tokens in one central wallet from all your artist pages. Contact us for bulk uploading large catalogs of over 100 songs.


Featuring Beyoncé live instrumentals and grammy award winning artists.

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Powered by Hedera Hashgraph,'s JAM Token provides lightning fast seamless global value exchange through micropayments with bank-grade security.

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